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The History of Side Street


"To you, our faithful customers for many years, we would like to share the story and evolution of Side Street Pizza. The Capozzi family is originally from Greensburg, Pennsylvania. We relocated to Tryon in the early 1980s. There are seven in our family, headed by our parents, Bob and Marlea. The five children, from oldest to youngest, are Bobby, Gina, Joe, Nick, and Marlea. Our dad, or “Big Bob” as he is fondly known, was a brick mason by trade before the move to North Carolina, but had experience working in a pizza parlor as a young man. Growing up as an Italian family, dinner was a wonderful, memorable experience. From “pasta night” on Sundays to “pizza night”, we had a passion for good food from the beginning. Bobby was the first to move to Tryon, and upon graduating school, found the opportunity to purchase a small pizza place downtown. With a knack for business, he called up Big Bob in Pennsylvania and asked him to come down and help with the restaurant. Together they changed the recipes for the dough and sauces and made them their own, the same recipes we serve today. Gina, Joe, Nick, and Marlea eventually found their way down south, as our close-knit family couldn’t be apart for too long, and Side Street pizza became a full family affair. Business steadily grew and the demand for a larger restaurant was increasing, so in July of 1995 we made the move up the street to our current location on South Trade Street, complete with a full bar and patio area. We expanded our menu and increased our staff. Although the change was a little scary, it has certainly proved to be for the best. We continue to be so fortunate to keep your business, and it gives us pride to serve you the best possible food we can make at a reasonable price. We strive for consistency, and hope that you enjoy your time eating at our little “hole in the wall.” We love getting to know you, our customers, and will give you a wave from the kitchen as we are cooking. Thank you again for your patronage, and we hope to see you soon!!"

- The Capozzi Family